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  • How to choose the right market to trade
  • Entry/Exit strategy
  • Breakeven and trailing profit strategy
  • Risk Management
  • Psychology Management
  • Fundamentals
  • Team Market Discussion
  • Custom Ichimoku Indicators for MT4/5, Forex Tester
  • KTS signals
  • KTS indicator
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  • Weekly market discussion
  • My trades will be shared
  •  Trading together when the time is right
  • Forex Tester backtesting sessions

KTS Academy is recommended to those who…

  • Want to master KTS rather than the Ichimoku original strategies
  • Want to ask me detailed questions about KTS
  • Are struggling how to practice via backtesting tools
  • Want to discuss markets in a closed group by KTS
  • Take trades by luck and emotion
  • Trade through someone else’s trades
  • Travels abroad a lot but not really know how to start trading
  • Do not know how to journal trades

Course price

  • $98 / month
  • First month payment will be $149 (Joining Fee) + $98 (Monthly Fee). 2nd month onwards will be $98 per month.
  • Payment options: Credit Card (Visa / Mastercard), Google Pay, Apple Pay

Below is a difference between KTS Academy and Global Trading School

 KTS AcademyGlobal Trading School
StructureOnline Course + group supportPersonal Coaching + 1 on 1  support
KTS online lecturesYesYes
Market DiscussionYesYes
Money Management SpreadsheetYesYes
Discord groupYesYes
Personal Discord sectionNoYes
Weekly follow up on your tradesNoYes
Monthly 1 on 1 follow upNoYes
Life-time groupNoYes
Course Price$98 / month$2,980

The difference between those who can survive and who cannot

Millions of traders are trading throughout the world but why it is that popular? This is because it has various advantages such as being able to leverage, get swap interest rates, and be able to trade 24 hours a day.
If your prediction becomes correct, you can make a big profit. However, on the other hand, it is also true that there is a risk of making a big loss if the prediction is wrong. Many traders will have no choice but to leave the market, even if they make a large profit at first, they quickly lose the profit due to misjudgment.
Many of the reasons are due to sudden market movements and inadequate risk management. If you are already a trader, you probably know how difficult it is to keep making profits in a long run.
“Surviving for a long time while making profits in trading”. Most people cannot do this.

Do your own risk management

Even if you increase your win rate, if you make a big loss once, all your profits can be blown away in trading. Of course, the higher the win rate, the better. “Low win rate” means that there are more losing trades than winning trades. And that is the reason why people tend to feel bad mentally.

However, just blindly focusing on increasing the win rate does not necessarily lead to increasing profits.
“Make your wins as big as possible and your losses as small as possible.” As the saying goes, “Take profits slowly, cut losses quickly”, if you can take a large profit and reduce the loss, you can win in total even if you lose more times than you win. For example, even if you only have 1 win and 9 losses, you can still win in total. This is the secret to winning in trading.

In this course, I will teach you all the knowledge and techniques necessary for trading, including not only trading techniques to become a stable and winning trader, but also risk management skills that all the traders must be most careful about.

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About Kei

Hello, my name is Kei and I am a full time Japanese Forex trader.

During my 9 years of full time trading carrier, I have struggled for the first 2 years. Without any teachers or mentors, I self-studied strategies and put so much effort on studying and practicing, however, I kept losing and blowing accounts, then finally got depression.

While recovering from the depression, I realized the importance of mastering the basics as well as risk management and psychology management. Then I started to use only price action and Ichimoku Kinko Hyo which gradually brought me confidence on my traders and started to see the results. That’s how I developed a strategy called Kei’s Trading Strategy (KTS) on my own.

At KTS Academy I not only share my strategies but also my live analysis and trades.

I hope everyone benefits from my strategy and obtain a non-losing mindset.

Stay Gold!


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Q. I am totally new to trading. Can I still join?

A. As long as you know how to operate trades (e.g. How to place buy/sell orders, how to place SL, etc), you are welcomed to join. You don’t have to be profitable to join.

Q. Do I need to know know Ichimoku before joining the KTS Academy?

A. If you know the basic of Ichimoku, it will be a plus but you don’t have to know all the details. As long as you know the name of each line and how they look, it should be enough.

Q. Do you send signals?

A. Yes I provide signals when market trends by KTS

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